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Fewer and fewer consumers are passively consuming the content of classic linear TV programs. In their place, more and more streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, etc., have long been established. They offer the user the opportunity to access a large selection of series and films for a monthly fee. The content is often even produced by the providers themselves.

The significant advantage for the user compared to the traditional television channels is that he can see all the content without a single commercial break. In addition, he can watch what he wants and when he wants it.

General information about video-on-demand streaming services

For a long time, it was still rather unattractive for many to use online streaming services, but the offers of the major providers such as Netflix have now improved significantly. They are attracting more and more customers to their offers. As with music offers, it was also “usual” for most customers to download their content illegally via various download platforms for years. That changed a few years ago. The subscription models of the major streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular. For a price that is usually less than €12 per month, you have unlimited access to an extensive range of film and series streams. The content is updated regularly, so there is plenty of variety.

In contrast to illegal streaming offers, which are often delivered in the poor picture and sound quality, the streaming providers consistently deliver your films and series in at least HD picture and high-resolution sound quality.

Some streaming providers, such as Netflix and Amazon, even offer films and series from their production. These can also only be viewed exclusively from the respective providers. The price level of the individual providers is possibly the same, which is also due to the straightforward competitive pressure.

Exclusive broadcast content

Netflix is ​​currently the absolute pioneer for producing its series. With production costs of 7.2 billion euros, the Marco Polo series is one of the most expensive series productions ever and is very popular with viewers. The Netflix exclusive series House of Cards, Orange is the new Black and Sons of Anarchy are just as successful. Amazon is also following suit with its productions, although not at the pace that is the case with Netflix. The idea behind it is to bind customers permanently to the respective platforms.

Individual retrieval of films and series (pay per view)

Individual providers such as Maxdome or Amazon also offer the customer the option of either lending individual films and series outside of the subscription for a fee or acquiring them permanently for a purchase price. However, these offers are often costly.

Watch movies and series offline.

If you go on a more extended trip, you often have no internet connection or only insufficient bandwidth. Internet use is often associated with very high costs, especially abroad. This is precisely why all streaming providers, including Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and Sky, offer their customers the option of storing and accessing all films and series locally via an app.

A brief introduction to the three most popular streaming providers


Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997 in Los Gatos, California. Initially, Netflix was still purely an online video store and sent Blu-rays and DVDs to its customers for a subscription fee. That all changed in 2007 when Netflix entered the video-on-demand business. Netflix customers had regular access to a wide range of film and series streams from then on. Netflix today has 209.18 million customers worldwide and a market value of over $180 billion.

Amazon Prime Video:

In 2014, the merger of Amazon Prime and the former Amazon online video store Lovefilm resulted in Amazon’s video-on-demand service, known today as Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video today offers an extensive range of freely available films and series, many of which are in-house production. Examples of exclusive series include The Grand Tour, Lucifer, Vikings and The Man In The High Castle. The service is available either as a monthly subscription (cancellable monthly) for a monthly fee of €7.99 or as an annual subscription (cancellable annually) for an annual fee of €69.00. In addition to Amazon Prime Video, you also get all the Amazon Prime benefits. That means free and prioritized delivery, often as early as the next working day.


Disney, with its online video store and video-on-demand platform Disney+, is in third place among the currently largest streaming providers worldwide. Disney launched its streaming service in 2019 and already has over 118 million customers. Disney+ particularly stands out with its child-friendly content and, in addition to the Disney classics, also offers films from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. The service is available either as a monthly subscription for €6.99 per month or as an annual subscription for €69.99 per year.


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