With the aim of enlightening people about the latest updated Technologies, my cousin and I have been thinking about writing blogs on Technology for a long time. As we thought of now writing blogs about various niches. We started this blog dealing with trending Technology updates. We were concerned about how this present technology development is going to affect the future generation. How are they going to know about its proper uses and the pros and cons?

As soon as we could assimilate and decide what part we were going to head for, we established our blog Three Windows in 2017. Since then we are blogging on and about Digital Marketing, the latest Technologies, Gadgets, Videos and Reviews on the latest Google updates.

So, Three Windows was brought up as a blog written by people in the technical profession.

Why we named the blog Three Windows?

Literally, we named Three Windows as the world of Digital Marketing surrounds Technology, Marketing and Business. Our purpose is to help readers who are concerned with Technology and everything related to it. People who want to stay updated with the improved technology trends. To help them with our simple and reader-friendly posts which will give them knowledge. Our articles are easily understandable as they are written in a way that will facilitate the readers to catch the ideas easily. We regularly update our website for better and refreshed views.

Why do we blog?

We blog because we love to do it. So, if you share the same interest as us, come and Write For Us on our various domains about Technology. Be our collaborator and gain immense knowledge about the Digital Marketing world. We are aiming for the best for our readers, so, try to be with us while we work together!

We Understand

The value of our viewers’ time, so Three Windows tries to publish everything genuine and well-researched pitches, about Science & Technology, Digital Marketing, Education, Entertainment, etc. Our experienced writers write high-quality blogs on our website. TW advises on the most popularly asked questions. Experience a whole world of handmade blog making. 

We also embrace new Authors who aim to make them learn. 

Authors who want to submit can submit their works in different domains like Digital Marketing, Fashion, Entertainment, Technology, Education, Business, and Travel, etc. Plus, you will be a popular author with your regular posts.