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Veritas today introduced the new version of NetBackup 10 and autonomous, cloud-optimized solutions. The goal is easier data management and better protection against ransomware and other threats.

Veritas Technologies adopts a strategy that enables cloud-optimized autonomous data management. The aim is for companies to manage their data more efficiently and automate protection against threats such as ransomware.

The Autonomous Data Management strategy will be presented for the first time at the Conquer Every Cloud 2022 event. It aims to leverage artificial intelligence and hyper-automation to help NetBackup self-provision, optimize, and maintain in multi-cloud environments. A central role is played by Veritas Cloud Scale Technology – a new NetBackup architecture that has been modernized for operation on the web. The cutting-edge technology will be available with the latest version of NetBackup, also announced today.

Greg Hughes, CEO of Veritas: “Businesses worldwide are benefiting from accelerating digital transformation and cloud adoption. However, a recent joint assessment by security services in the US, UK, and Australia show that hackers increasingly target cloud services and data in ransomware attacks. To help our customers meet this challenge, today we are introducing tools that reduce cloud footprint and costs, protect data from ransomware, and enable autonomous data management.”

Cloud-Scale Technology 

Veritas implements this strategy in NetBackup using Cloud Scale Technology. The result is a containerized, programmable, and AI-supported microservices architecture that provides autonomous, uniform data management services in the cloud. It is used for the first time with NetBackup 10.

NetBackup 10 

According to the company, NetBackup 10, in conjunction with Cloud-Scale Technology, is the industry’s first cloud-optimized, scalable data management solution that relies on web-scale technologies and automation and thus offers particularly cost-effective, efficient, secure data management in multi-cloud environments allows.

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) through cloud optimization 

NetBackup 10 offers advanced multi-cloud storage and orchestrated tiering capabilities. Comprehensive support for Amazon Web Services and Azure reduces backup storage costs by 95 percent.

NetBackup’s deduplication services have been upgraded to minimize the cloud footprint further. At the same time, elastic multi-cloud computing services always deliver precisely the right amount of scaling at the right time to achieve additional savings.

· With support for all significant Kubernetes distributions, NetBackup 10 enables cross-platform, multi-cloud recovery. This allows data to be restored on virtually any Kubernetes distribution.

Greater efficiency through simplified, automated processes 

With the integration of NetBackup SaaS Protection, NetBackup 10 provides an overview of a customer’s entire data inventory – for governance and compliance purposes, for example.

NetBackup 10 includes a new, fully integrated, and free base version of NetBackup IT Analytics (formerly Veritas APTARE). This offers comprehensive analysis and reporting functions based on artificial intelligence, with the help of which data backup services can be optimized and risks reduced.

  • NetBackup 10 has automatic detection and protection capabilities for additional Platform-as-a-Service workloads such as Apache Cassandra, major Kubernetes distributions, and Microsoft Azure Managed SQL and Azure SQL.

Improved ransomware resilience through built-in malware scanning

· For malware-free data recovery, NetBackup 10 automatically scans for malware during backup and recovery.

· NetBackup’s AI-based anomaly detection automatically initiates a malware scan with the new version. This combination results in content-aware, granular flexibility that enables fast, clean data recovery.

·NetBackup 10 expands support for immutable storage, including Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

According to Veritas, companies with automated data management are much better able to manage different workloads and data volumes. Veritas technology makes it possible to provide, optimize, and maintain data management independently. This enables self-service backup and recovery, freeing IT staff to focus on their strategic and transformative activities.

Christophe Bertrand, Practice Director at ESG: “Many companies have a patchwork of disjointed data protection solutions in the cloud. New decision-makers often implement individual workloads and applications and manage in silos that add up over time. This leads to a continuously increasing cost and administration effort, which can hardly be managed anymore. Therefore, a company needs a long-term solution that can reduce the footprint of its cloud backup and automate its management.”

Everton da Costa, IT manager at Process, an IT company from São Paulo: “As we use more and more clouds, SaaS applications, platforms, and tools, the storage locations for our data are becoming more and more confusing – a major challenge for our IT Team. It must constantly anticipate and intervene manually to avoid financial and infrastructural strain. However, the long-term solution is not simply to expand the environment. Rather, we need to evolve our approach intelligently so that it self-adapts to our increasingly complex infrastructure needs. Veritas’ vision for multi-cloud optimized data management aligns with our goals and will help us be prepared for the challenges ahead.”


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