You need a slim alternative if you don’t have enough space for a great desktop PC or an extensive monitor setup. The all-in-one PCs from MSI are an efficient complete package for any workplace lacking space.

Whether at the point of sale, at the classic workplace or even in the home office: an all-in-one PC is bursting with versatility. Sprawling workstation setups are history because, in the all-in-one solutions, both an eye-friendly display and a powerful computer are built into a single housing. In this article, we go into the versatile areas of application of the Modern All-in-One PCs from MSI and tips on making the work area sustainable and minimalistic but still productive.

Full performance in a complete package

The most important requirement for an all-in-one PC is high and reliable system performance. All the most important work applications must be able to be performed without jerking or stuttering. The activation of several simultaneous applications is also commonplace in everyday work and must therefore be possible without any problems. To ensure this, the Modern All-in-One PCs are equipped with energy-efficient Intel ® Core™, for example, with the powerful i7 processors of the 11th generation. Any applications that are required for e-commerce, finance or e-learning, for example, are easily mastered by the Modern series. Depending on your needs, you can choose between variants with different equipment in terms of RAM capacity, hard drive size or display-diagonal.

Out of the box into the office: ready to go in just a few minutes

One of the biggest benefits of an all-in-one PC is that it can be fully set up and ready to work in minutes. This is ensured by the operating system included in the scope of delivery and a mouse and keyboard, which, depending on the model, come with or without a cable. This means that the right set is available for every need, and no additional devices have to be purchased for commissioning.

The Modern AM242 series has a factory-integrated Full HD camera – a must for all users for whom video meetings in the office and home office are part of their daily work. The camera subtly nestles against the body, ensuring the all-in-one PC maintains its sleek and sleek look. A sliding cover is also installed for a full sense of security and the greatest possible privacy during work breaks and after work, which keeps unwanted viewers away even if you forget to exit your meeting software.

If you want to remove your camera as needed, you are well equipped with the first generation of modern all-in-one systems: They come with a separate full HD camera that can be removed and reinstalled as you wish.

All in one for more versatility

The all-in-one PCs of the Modern series from MSI offer a particularly large selection of data interfaces. However, this is not the end of the useful features of the MSI all-rounder. The instant display function, for example, is also helpful – the special HDMI connection enables the all-in-one PC to be used as a monitor – without even having to start up the system. This saves resources, energy and space for another monitor. Alternatively, you can use the all-in-one PC as the main computer and one or two additional monitors. Whatever setup the user wants to use: the Modern series makes it possible!


All in all, it can be said that the all-in-one PCs from MSI are the ideal solution for people who have little room to manoeuvre at their workplace but still value maximum flexibility and versatility.

Curious? Then take a look at the attractive offers from MSI or selected MSI partners today. Anyone who has aroused interest is welcome to choose the right model from MSI’s suggestions. Or inquire directly about projects here.



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