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The Google ranking is something like the holy grail in SEO optimization. Everyone wants to end up at the top with their company’s website. Because then success beckons because more and more users find you and your offer.

Google’s importance for search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a central area of ​​online marketing and helps you present your content in the best possible way and make it findable in the Google ranking.

You can also use search engines to get new leads. Also, to lure them to your website, for example, and to ensure that they subscribe to your newsletter with their email address. Anyone who speaks of Search Engine Optimization or SEO search engine optimization actually means Google Optimization. Of all search engines, Google still ranks first by a large margin. When it comes to semantic search engines, Google is also one step ahead.

In Europe and in the USA, Google has so far been unreachable in the first place. Competitors have only held their own in other cultures, such as Yandex in Russia or Baidu in China. However, Google has not only established itself as a source of information for searchers. It is also an important marketing tool for companies.

Questions concerning customers. With good content marketing, companies provide answers to numerous questions. Various search engine tools help you address your target group. Because they analyze the attractiveness of the content offered, these tools are then often made available completely free of charge. They can help you get a good Google ranking.

Nobody can avoid the Google ranking.

Because the Google ranking is the central topic in SEO marketing, you will only reach your target group when your website is among the first search results in the ranking. Only with placement on page 1 do the other online marketing measures really begin to take effect. In this way, the search results can be improved. But to get a good ranking, you have to know the different Google ranking factors. Only when you get as close as possible to them will you be successful with your website. A good SEO rating is essential for online success. But part of the Factors is a closely guarded secret, just like the holy grail.

But why do some companies manage to be listed at the top of their website? While others don’t even make it into the top 100 ranking results? And what exactly is behind the topic of SEO optimization and search engine marketing? We have answers for you.

How does the Google ranking work?

Despite many additional services, Google is still primarily a search engine. Therefore, it does everything in its power to continuously improve the search for its users. It also includes having to improve search results.

First of all, the input in the search field is an important factor. The first search engines only allowed particular searches. In the meantime, both the search for the focus keyword and the semantic search is possible.

In 2012, Google introduced the Knowledge Graph. It enables Google to grasp the deeper meaning behind an input. It also makes it possible to provide the correct answers. The quality of the search results presented is even more decisive for the success of the search engine. Also, Page Speed plays an important role.

Which mechanism is actually behind the search function?

When searching online, a search robot, the so-called Google Crawler, first searches the web. Among other things, he looks for suitable, high-quality content. The reaction speed, the so-called page speed, and the structure of the page is analyzed. The quality and structure of the content are also important—also, the URL structure. But external factors, such as link building from and to other sites, are also taken into account. The data is then collected in the Google index in an extensive database of what uniform structure is used. Finally, the search engine then decides on the indexing of search results. It is based on the keywords that the searcher enters, also through the PageRank algorithm. However, this sequence is not set in stone but can be improved with the right measures.

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How can I improve my Google ranking?

There are tons of useful tools that can help you with this. Perform both on-site ( on-page SEO ) and off-site ( off-page SEO ) optimizations. You then first have to carry out an analysis of your current situation in order to know where you are at all.

Software providers such as Moz or Sistrix have specialized in professional SEO. They provide good tools. With these, you can determine how well your website is optimized for Google. On top of that, you can determine how many and which backlinks refer to your site.

The Yoast SEO tool then even offers its own WordPress SEO plugin for content marketing. Then you can start with the step-by-step optimization of your website ranking. Yoast is an excellent tool to optimize your content and your display in search results because it has a simple and well-designed menu. In addition, a clear traffic light function to display the degree of optimization. Below we have created an overview of the most important factors that influence the ranking. We will go into more detail about this later. Would you like to improve your Google ranking? There are quite a few tips and factors for this:

The page structure is not a direct criterion for the ranking. But an indirect one. After all, good usability ensures a lower bounce rate. In addition, the CTR, the click-through rate, and the conversion rate are increased significantly. You can find out from us precisely what that is, how you optimize your conversion, and how you calculate your conversion rate.

Current study results from the USA show that only a little over 5% of the clicks go beyond the first page of results. And around 50% are allotted to the first three search results. Therefore, the permanent optimization of the ranking is one of the most significant success factors in SEO online marketing.

All these improvements then indirectly ensure that your search results on Google can be improved. This makes it possible to significantly increase the length of time visitors spend on your website. And this ranking factor is then again important for your placement.

Google Ranking & Advertising

SEO also has a special position in the field of SEO online marketing because Google does not charge any money for it. However, you can achieve very great success with it. It is also more valuable if your page is organically ranked in the top three search results. Your SEO rating is very important for your success, but there is another possibility.

It is an ad for Google AdWords advertising. So a purchased placement at the top of the results. It is another way of improving your search results by achieving a high position. Of course, it would still be best if you could improve the search results without spending any money. Another disadvantage of AdWords ads is that they sometimes don’t work correctly with AdBlockers.

Your potential customer evaluates this difference very well, and the conversion rate is then higher than with paid advertising. In addition, Google has been around for a long time. More than twenty years ago, when the founders were still attending Stanford University, one or two American students searched for their answers on Google.

Instruments for determining the Google ranking

Through this long experience in the market, a broad social class was opened up on the one hand. And on the other hand, the search engine continued to perfect. To determine the Google ranking, Google Analytics and the Google Search Console are excellent tools. It helps to control the effectiveness of your actions. If you do everything right, you can present your content wherever the user is looking.

Consider your place in the ranking before you start dealing with SEM or paid advertising in social media channels. It already pays off in the medium term and is considerably cheaper in the long term.

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The most important factors at a glance

The following points show you the most important activities that influence the ranking. And how we can use it to determine and influence the Google ranking. You will find a tool for each of these areas. In addition, service providers can support you professionally. You can also make many improvements yourself. When you try it out, you will get to know the mechanisms of Google better. And maybe you will see the first results right away.

Providers like Sistrix and we at offer seminars. These can also serve as an excellent introduction to the subject. Or you can opt for a webinar. Then it doesn’t matter where you are. Be it Hamburg, Paris, or Hanover. If you decide on a course, choose the provider carefully. When it comes to paid services, you should take a very close look at the provider’s reviews because there are big differences in quality here.

Content description through tags

Right-click on your domain to open the source code. Then you get an insight into the structure of the website at the programming level. It is crucial that the side areas are provided with the correct labels.

First of all, title tags ensure that Google’s search robots can find their way around your site. So-called meta tags play a crucial role in this. They are displayed on the SERP, the search results page, as the heading of the individual results and also appear as the page heading in the browser.

So when checking your source code, you have to make sure that the title tags are present. It would be best if you also named them what you want. Ideally, you can also find relevant keywords.

Meta Description Tags (also called meta descriptions) provide a summary of the page content. You then have to use clear, unmistakable meta description tags for each individual page. Finally, you have to make sure that pictures and videos are marked as such. Otherwise, Google will not be able to recognize them. For this, you use alt tags, which are supposed to describe the media’s content precisely.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

Nowadays, every company depends on being found by the various search engines on the Internet. The prerequisite for this is the visibility of the website on the Internet. The stronger this visibility, the more likely Google or another search engine will show a homepage among the best search results. Large companies with their own domain are just as dependent on the associated visitors and customers as newcomers with a blog on WordPress. It is therefore important to take measures to improve the organic search results on Google.

However, it takes some time, especially at the beginning, for websites to get a good place in the search results. Google decides how well your positioning is in the search results. And this also shows you a position in the search results. For example, based on the website’s structure, its content – the subject, the text, and the images – and its speed of response. There are also other influences—for example, the number and quality of backlinks or ads placed on Google Adwords. Even experienced SEO experts do not yet know all of Google’s ranking criteria.

In four to twelve months in first place

Nobody can know in advance exactly when a company will appear in the top search results. However, there are studies that can be used for a rough estimate. According to this, a professionally created website appears on average after four to six months among the best search results of the search engines. For websites without a well-thought-out optimization with regard to the text, the information, and the images, significantly more time is required for the Google search results to improve and the company to be found.

Tips for a quick ranking

The following tips can improve your Google search and optimize your ranking. They help to improve your visibility so that your visitors and customers can easily find your site in their search.

Introduce yourself to Google

Google can only display your page if it knows your data. The easiest way is to submit your top-level URL directly to  Google. The next time Google searches the World Wide Web, and your site will be found and added to the Google index. Alternatively, your page can also be found on other websites via a backlink. Then there should also be a description of your homepage there, ideally with reference to your products or the knowledge that you can convey.

How can I determine my Google ranking?

There are different ways to determine the Google ranking on your website. There are numerous websites on the Internet that deal with the topic of search engine optimization and offer appropriate tools for checking. With them, you can display a lot of information about your site. You can then easily use these results to optimize the search results. Above all, through the ranking, Google can show you what you can optimize with the help of various tools.

Online tools to determine your Google ranking

Most providers offer a free basic function and a free test phase for extended functions. So you have the opportunity to test the articles of different companies and to determine the offer that is exactly right for you. When doing your search, keep in mind the following tips about the various tools.

SEO Check

Many of these tools already offer a good description of the strengths and weaknesses of your site with a free check of your data. In addition to your current ranking on the major search engines, you will often find an analysis of your page content. You were partly broken down into on-page content and off-page content.

Backlink Checker

With a backlink checker, you can search the Internet for links back to your website. This check is an essential part of professional search engine optimization and offers you important information regarding your ranking.

Keyword Monitoring Tools

Keyword ranking plays an important role in search engine optimization. For more effective optimization, you need regular information. The keyword monitor offers you a free check. You can use this simple tool to see where your page is in search results on Google and other search engines. Here you can fall back on paid offers from providers such as  Sistrix or  Xovi. With the knowledge gained in this way, you can then improve the Google search results and determine the Google ranking at any time.

However, it is also possible to use different plugins for your browser so that you get a strong SEO browser.

What influences the Google ranking?

Rankings are subject to more or less strong fluctuations. Therefore, you should give the checking of your ranking a permanent place in your search engine optimization. Your content – your text, your images, etc. – form the most important basis for a good ranking. Unique content is the top priority. Another important role is played by off-page elements such as backlinks and on-page elements such as the page title. You can display it with a suitable online tool, optimize it with the help of this data and thus improve Google search for your visitors. You can also optimize the quality of your ranking with the right choice of keywords.

When creating your content, and in case of doubt, this also applies to the images, you should seek professional help if possible. With good text and the right description of your offer, you can tailor your search engine optimization perfectly to the search queries of your customers and the requirements of the search engines.


Unique content may only be published under one URL. If the same content is published under two URLs, this is duplicate content. This is rated negatively by Google.


With the right keyword, you can improve Google search results and ensure that your website is found well. You can only secure yourself a good place in the search results with an exclusive keyword. It is important that you put yourself in the shoes of your users and customers:

  • What information should and do you want to receive on your website?
  • What keyword would you use to search for this information on the Internet?
  • How can you improve Google Search?
  • Are there suitable advertising measures, for example, ads with the description of your articles?

Only by knowing how your customers use a search engine can you find the right keyword to generate good search results. Manage to perfectly simulate the search queries of your visitors. You will also improve the Google search results and be able to use this type of search engine optimization ideally.


Search Engine Optimization using simple keywords is not easy. There is a good alternative here with long-tail keywords that you can use to improve Google search. To create such a “long-tailed” keyword, you string together a series of keywords. These are supposed to imitate the search of your visitors – an example would be “buy sushi rice.” Here, three general search queries are combined into a holistic description of the search. This allows you to improve Google search and redirect interested visitors and customers directly to your website.

Why does the Google ranking fluctuate?

Like any other search engine, Google is not a rigid construct. Updates and changes in the specifications of a search engine can also result in changed search results, as can actions by other companies or new competitors. These can influence the ranking through external references or a change in their keywords, among other things. So you have to keep yourself constantly up to date in order to improve Google search and thus secure the best position among the search results.

How you can keep your Google ranking

Fluctuations result from constant changes in the World Wide Web and, to a certain extent, do not represent any reason to panic. However, you should use the knowledge of the causes of the fluctuations to keep an eye on your ranking every time. It is the only way you can improve your Google search in the long term and ensure perfect results for your users’ search queries. Google is the market leader among search engines, so you should also consider their guidelines when improving your pages.

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