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Welcome to the world of technical intelligence guidance, business, and finance. Three windows provide you with an appropriate digital platform to share your thoughts and ideas regarding the world of technology and science, including businesses and financial affairs. You can join our team as a guest blogger and educate & entertain our readers. All the interested writers are heartily welcome because Three Windows is the latest and exclusive destination for digital content writers.

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About Us!

Three Windows is the best digital platform for guest posts for businesses and digital technology companies. It includes all the techies and non-techies companies belonging to multiple industries and sectors.

We keep the readers updated about tech news, tech trends, digital trends, digital technology, information technology, data science, artificial intelligence, IoT, RPA Marketing, and business technology. Our motto is to make every corner of the world aware of technology development and the contribution of science to the human world through our content.

Fields include internet, security, computers, hardware, software, telecom, mobile phones, cloud computing, mobile technologies, automobiles, SEO, finance, IT services, mobile apps, future tech articles, and business articles.

Why Us, and What’s in it for you?

If you are interested in the fields mentioned above (especially security), if you want to add value to readers’ lives through your words and by educating them about rapid technological growth and trends, you are in the right place. Write for us and contribute to the world to be technologically advanced and educated.

We appreciate digital marketers, tech bloggers, and digital content writers. We would help you increase your brand’s reach and value and reach out to tech enthusiasts and experts.

First, you can convey the message and present your thoughts and ideas to a wide range of audiences worldwide through our platform.

Secondly, you also expand your writing portfolio. You get to network and exposure through Three Windows. You will know your potential and understand the readers better. You get to experience and knowledge while working with us.

Last but not least, in return, we give you the credits you deserve, and we promote your content through our website and share it on all social media handles.

When you work with us, you boost our industry and your career.

What your pitch needs to be about?

Security is critical because your privacy, personal and sensitive data, and information, Should be protected from theft and damage.

That’s why we want you to write on security, cyber security, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ethical hacking.

You should make the readers aware of the importance and necessities of cyber security. Your core responsibility will be to bring out unique ideas and content that talk about these fields. You should present the content in a lucid and striking manner.

Your write-ups should draw their attention and engage them. Your write-ups should explain the problems and analyze the solutions. We expect you to provide us with valuable content and insightful information that will guide and educate the readers.

We would accept blogs from interested and passionate writers and experts.

Format and some basic rules!

• Article should be authentic and originally written by you. We won’t consider the involvement of any third party.

• It should be plagiarism-free, grammatical errors-free, and free from copyright issues.

• Your article should be well researched, precise, and well-plotted.

• After posting the article on our website, Three Windows, you are not allowed to post the content anywhere else, offline or online. The ownership of the content solely belongs to us then.

• The length of the write-up should be at least 1600 words, including headings. The blog post title should draw the attention of readers and be at least 56 characters. The readers will get a brief about the article.

• Provide high-resolution featured images which should be related and necessary for the content. The images or any other things used in the articles should be free from copyright issues.

• 1-2 links are allowed in the body of your website or blog. Remember not to provide broken, corrupted, or spam links. Non-promotional and affiliate links will not be taken.

• Send Pitches as an HTML file or Microsoft Word Document format (no PDF files) as email attachments.

• You can visit our site for sample blogs or articles.

We do not accept

• Topics that have been already covered on our site.

• Topics that aren’t related to our blog/site.

• We do not accept casinos, betting, adult dating, poker, gambling, and porn-related articles and links.

How to submit?

Mail us for guest blogging with your personal details, which include your bio and your photo and post ideas.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself and just give a short description. Make sure that the subject of your email includes phrases like ‘Guest post at Three Windows’, ‘regarding guest posts, ‘Guest post submissions’ and etc. We would be glad to work with you. Keep coming up with your valuable and great content. If you have any queries, you can contact us at, and we will get back to you.


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