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From Terminator to “How do I spy on my girlfriend’s phone”, there have already been many top-class app ideas this year. We will detail the highlights of our app development agency in this article to give you an insight into the psyche of some people in this country. Of course, we will keep the identity of these geniuses a secret. Maybe one or the other will recognize each other. But what’s the difference between a good and a bad app idea?

The bad app ideas – you have to watch out for the signs.

You can often tell a bad idea by the degree of weakness that flows towards you when you hear the first attempts to explain it. Often there is a sudden contraction and tremor of the diaphragm. If the degree of weakness is particularly severe, difficulty breathing and sometimes vomiting may occur. Sometimes bad ideas can be recognized because the person who uttered them said, “That might sound silly now”. Often followed by “Well, I think something like this could make millions”. Idiotic ideas are hard to spot in advance. However, statements like “We can only talk about it in a dark room; nobody should see it” can be a harbinger of such an idea. When others are not allowed to see it, then how shall we see it? In our history as an app development agency, we’ve heard a lot of great ideas. But now directly to the candidates from 5th to 1st place.

5th place “Donkey Honkey” – brilliant app idea with a perfectly thought-out hardware component

The request for Donkey Honkey reached the employees of our app development agency like a raging storm. This idea was welcomed by our developers, who could no longer sit quietly in their seats. Drawn through and through with ingenuity, the idea of ​​this “solution” was to develop a game in the sense of “stick the donkey’s tail on”. An app should run on the smartphone that tracks the user’s location who has to reach certain geographic coordinates with his mobile phone to win the game.

A smartphone case with a long needle at the tip was also designed. The top of the bowl had no function. But as if that wasn’t ingenious enough on its own, the app should play the donkey neighing when it hits the geopoint. This app request came from a 55-year-old man near Koblenz. When we were talking about a certain danger, based on a long pointed object in connection with a cell phone cover, the Lord told us that he would go elsewhere with this billion-dollar idea.

# 4 “Dynapp” – Good for users who don’t care about their smartphone

Dynapp was once again a masterpiece of creativity and a testimony to where Germany will go in the long term in terms of innovation. The Dynapp was an app idea that enabled the user to use his smartphone as a speedometer for the bike. For this purpose, the user could purchase a bracket that could be mounted on the rear axle. The smartphone would have been clamped here. The camera would then have recognized the spokes using artificial intelligence and thus calculated the driving speed.

Since we initially thought that this request was meant as a joke (we would never have believed that someone would betray such an innovative idea), we asked for the bracket to be sent. 3 days later, the surprise in the mail. The customer had “cut” a clip out of styrofoam. We probably underestimated him here; of course, we didn’t expect something like that. Of course, we sent him the prototype back, but unfortunately, we didn’t implement the app.

# 3 “Hang Man” – Not for the faint of heart

As the name suggests, another game full of joy and positive emotions awaits you here—another great idea in the field of gaming combined with an equally outstanding hardware component. The idea of ​​“Hang Man” provided the user with an app in the classic sense of the game “Hang Man”. Different rounds of questions should take place between a maximum of 4 players. The app was then connected to a load measuring device via Bluetooth. A gallows was attached to this device, which the user should put around the neck. (yes, right around the neck).

If the user answered incorrectly in the question game, the force, he had to pull the gallows increased. Thankfully, instructions were provided in the app that explained how best to do this. Well thought through! The idea had a catch (haha). How would the users tell if the other users were really hanging the gallows around their necks? In the end, the app didn’t get implemented, and we mysteriously never heard from this customer again.

# 2 “Handkercheck” – Every pedant in the household should have this app

Handkercheck is an app that should make it possible to analyze the usage behaviour of handkerchiefs. Not what you’re thinking now; the app request actually came from a lady near Hamburg. Since it rains much more often there than in the south, the topic can be very explosive. The app should communicate with a light barrier and then be mounted on the familiar tissue dispenser boxes.

The user could then analyze their usage behaviour in the app and automatically order handkerchiefs if necessary. For every order, the app would have charged a commission on the purchase price of the handkerchiefs. That would have been 0.09 euros for each new order. Strangely enough, the app was very well received by our developers, and singles also showed great interest in the concept. We never understood why.

1 “Trumpinator” – Slightly racist, but something for Minecraft players

The Terminator was the work of a 32-year-old from the vicinity of Dresden (looking back, you get a certain picture). The Trumpinator’s idea was to build an app that allows building a wall with the help of virtual reality. The user should walk around the house with the app and join them brick by brick to form a wall. The result would be a virtual wall that can be walked around the house. But wait, the app monetization was well thought out!

The user had the opportunity to purchase various wall materials via InApp Purchase to make his wall even more stable. Guards, called “Waller Patrol” in the app, were planned but very expensive to buy. Because the wall of gold was much cheaper (who builds a wall of gold). In version 2, there was also the possibility to simulate intruders who had to be clicked away from the wall.

A fascinating VR game for any big landowner with slight tendencies to the right. Unfortunately, our app development agency didn’t realize this idea; we didn’t want it. When this request came, we had to sign several confidentiality agreements and even come to Leipzig in person so that no one would find out. So we drove from Munich to Leipzig, full of anticipation for the best app idea we’ve heard so far.

Everyday life in an app development agency is strange

If you later decide to work in an app development agency, you need to learn to control yourself. Why? Every day we are confronted with sometimes incredible ideas. It’s not uncommon for the phone’s microphone to be turned off so the other person can’t hear the employee laughing out loud. In some cases, well-established processes were even trained here.

1. Switch off the microphone

2. Strong laugh

3. Turn on the microphone again and rant wildly about the Telekom.

4. Try to tell the other person that the idea is nonsense gently.

Everyday life in an app development agency is nice

Despite many crazy ideas, we love our work and are happy when young start-ups or established companies develop innovative ideas. Still, we want to re-record the sayings that are heard most often for everyone.

  • That idea is the new Facebook.
  • This idea will hit like a bomb (unfavourable choice of words in this day and age)
  • So I would buy the app
  • I know at least 10 people who would use this app
  • I firmly believe in this one idea; I may have another
  • If you haven’t done something like this before, you definitely can’t do it (before “the idea doesn’t exist yet”)
  • Why don’t you want to do that? Are you scared?
  • I could program this in 1 day, but I don’t have much time.

Who are we? We are Applaunch, an app development agency in Munich. We help companies and startups as well as founders in the development of digital ideas in the app and web area. Aroused interest? Contact us, and we will talk about it!

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