SURFSHARK VPN 2022: tests, reviews and costs, including tips for beginners


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the ideal Internet connection solution for companies with particular importance to data security. But more and more private households want to protect their privacy to a remarkable degree and use VPN. The latest tests and reviews in 2022 have shown the unique features of such connections, such as the Surfshark VPN.

Strengths of VPN connections

It is essential to understand what the term means. A VPN connection is an exceptionally secure “private tunnel” in the public system of the Internet. Data security is established by encrypting user data traffic, for example, when using Surfshark VPN, AES-GCM-256, PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) and asymmetric authentication, and disguising the identity using a camouflage mode. The concealment of identity, and thus, e.g. B. the location, is also achieved by the fact that the user’s IP address remains hidden.

Especially in countries where censorship and access restrictions on internet use are issues, a VPN connection like Surfshark’s can ensure that the user still has full access to the Internet and its information. In addition, VPN in these countries makes it easier to access streaming services such as Netflix and Co.

In the latest tests in 2022 by, or, functions such as CleanWeb, which can be used to block advertising, malware and phishing emails, split tunnelling (bypasser) to control data traffic and bypass specific URLs, apps or IP addresses as well as a kill switch (to deactivate the Internet connection if the VPN connection is lost) as valuable services to increase security when surfing the Internet. Surfshark users can access such tools on favourable terms.

More security with Surfshark Alert

There is a high risk that personal, sensitive data will be disclosed while surfing, for example, credit card details, email content, passwords or ID numbers. In many cases, those affected only notice this later, and cybercriminals may have been able to empty the account by then. Surfshark Alert is software that immediately notifies the user if disclosed data. This allows the affected user to take prompt countermeasures, change passwords or have their credit card blocked.

Surfshark Search: Internet search without tracking and advertising

Anyone ever on Google or Facebook has searched for something, and you probably know this: Shortly after the Search, you receive advertisements that exactly match the previous Search. This is made possible by tracking. Google and Co. “follow” all of the user’s activities on the Internet, document and analyze them and are thus able to find out what the user’s preferences are and which websites he visits most frequently. Here the Internet user is made into a “transparent person”, whether he likes it. You can defend yourself against this with a tool like Surfshark Search. It ensures that you leave no traces when searching. In addition, Search prevents advertisements from being displayed. The search results shown are reliable. In addition, the tool allows you to select a specific region when searching. So it is possible.

Surf safely with antivirus software

Anyone surfing the Internet constantly risks catching unwanted viruses that either slow down the computer or completely paralyze it. As part of its VPN, Surfshark offers Surfshark Antivirus software that reports in real-time if viruses are involved when downloading apps or files. In addition, regular scans can be carried out on all devices or infrequently used folders to find harmless viruses that have been smuggled in unnoticed.

VPN: User-friendly and practical?

There are numerous VPN providers, and they all advertise numerous security functions, high speed and favourable conditions. About the services of Surfshark VPN, the reviews repeatedly state that all of the company’s tools (Alert, Search, Antivirus) work very efficiently and make surfing the Internet even safer.

What the testers also noticed positively is the user-friendliness of Surfshark VPN and the services associated with it. The company does a lot to bring its customers closer to handling and make it easier, for example, through its own YouTube channel. Short and understandable video clips on the subject of VPN and the critical topic of the Internet are shown. In addition, there is a dedicated Surfshark blog with posts on essential topics related to the Internet and cyber security. In addition, Surfshark is considered the cheapest VPN on the market.

Surfshark VPN costs ā€“ cheap or expensive?

All testers and reviews agree and rate Surfshark’s VN as the most cost-effective on the market when it comes to costs. According to the evaluation, the numerous functions hardly cost any money. If you want to use the Surfshark VPN, you can choose between a monthly subscription (for EUR 11.48), a subscription for 6 months (EUR 5.75) or a 2-year subscription (for EUR 2.04 per month).

To not have to take out a subscription right away, users can test the VPN free of charge for 7 days. In addition, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Beginners should pay attention to this when it comes to VPN

For those thinking about looking for a VPN provider for the first time, it is essential to find one that best meets their wishes and requirements. The following questions can be helpful as tips for beginners:

  • What should the VPN be able to do? What are the VPN requirements?
  • What qualities speak for this or that VPN provider?
  • Is the VPN provider compatible with your devices (iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, Windows)?
  • What about the usability of the VPN (installation, user interface)?
  • Where are the servers of the VPN provider (closer locations make sense if the location is less developed)?
  • How is the provider’s customer service rated?
  • What payment methods and terms does the provider offer?

With the help of these questions and the corresponding answers, consumers can quickly find out which VPN provider is right for them and their needs. Applied to Surfshark shows that the company is the solution many are looking for with its Surfshark VPN.


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