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Social Media Monitoring 5 Tools: 2021 Comparison


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As a social media manager or small marketing team, it is often not easy in social media marketing monitoring. The wheel is turning incredibly fast. There are always new developments, new trends, and new, promising opportunities. Bosses and customers always want to have everything in action yesterday and see the first results.

No wonder that marketing teams with small resources quickly reach their limits. Fortunately, some intelligent tools on the market often bring many benefits, time savings, and success for little money if used correctly. We have put five of the most popular social media monitoring tools under the microscope for you.

The tools presented are cloud-based, i.e., they do not have to be installed locally on the computer and can be used directly on the Internet via personal access. This means that it can control the software and the associated data from anywhere and at any time. Several users within one account can use the software.

With a monthly base price, the customer saves himself a one-time, expensive purchase and only pays for as long as he actually uses the software.

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Let’s know what the Tools are:


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Hootsuite is one of the leading social media dashboards on the market. They use the tool to display and manage numerous social media channels and activities side by side on one screen. In the team version, social media channels can easily control by several users at the same time.

The special feature: messages from social networks can be forwarded to internal chat discussions with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are also extensive monitoring and reporting functions.

In total, Hootsuite offers over 40 different analytics modules with which all conceivable activities of fans and followers can be measured and evaluated.

They can use the news tool to send posts to different networks simultaneously, which saves time and is easier to track. In summary, Hootsuite is more used for scheduling and distributing content in social networks and is a classic analytics tool. Nevertheless, Hootsuite provides excellent statistics on the posted posts, including feedback and interaction, and covers at least part of the necessary monitoring.

If you want to get a quick, up-to-date overview of your own company’s status on the social web, you’ve come to the right place.


With HowSociable, you can quickly and easily check how visible your company is on the social web. So far, 36 social media platforms are searched for the entered search term and given a score between 0 and 10. When hovering over the results, HowSociable shows how many mentions in the relevant medium and on which platforms the company is most present and enables a direct comparison with the most important competitors.

However, it cannot determine whether the mentions are positive or negative – must read each entry individually. If the brand name you are looking for is not clearly or incorrectly stated, the result is sometimes heavily distorted. HowSociable is clearly designed and, thanks to its simple operation, enables a quick introduction to brand monitoring.

HowSociable is ideal for getting started with social media monitoring, not least because of its low price. With the free test account, however, it is only possible to observe one brand or company. If you want to draw meaningful conclusions, you can’t avoid a paid account.


Talkwalker is characterized above all by a large amount of data and analysis options. With the help of its own crawlers and external data providers, the tool can access around 150 million international sources. Thanks to joint monitoring of social media and news sites, Talkwalker enables a standardized search – only one search agent, created for all media.

By linking the URLs and embedding social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, you can act directly from the tool. Talkwalker has a logical structure, the data, clearly presented – but it is necessary to deal with the tool for a long time in advance to be able to use all the functions offered. The possibilities for differentiating the search agents are very extensive.

Talkwalker is an efficient monitoring solution that delivers very precise analysis values ​​quickly and in a targeted manner. Talkwalker provides another added value with the option of editing graphics after the export. From a financial point of view, Talkwalker is particularly worthwhile when the need for search agents is great.

If you want to create long-term analyses, you either have to manually save the data in Excel or switch to the paid version.

In the free version of the tool, collected data is in store for 7 days. You have to create long-term analyzes. You either have to save the data manually in Excel or switch to the paid version.

VICO Research & Consulting

VICO Research & Consulting is one of the leading German full-service providers with first-class and flexible monitoring solutions, analysis services, and advice on all aspects of digital technologies.

The organization has its core competence in the development of solutions for corporations and medium-sized companies. It integrates social data in company processes, on the one hand via the VICO Analytics Tool solutions and reports, as well as directly in the company’s own systems.

VICO collects content from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. And network communities such as forums, blogs, or rating portals. There are also ratings and reviews from shops such as Amazon, Google, or apps.

The data from VICO Analytics, used in product management, quality management. Even in brand management, marketing, market research, service, service, and branch management,

VICO Analytics scores with versatile functions for coding. And even data analysis (manual and AI-supported) to effectively generate insights from large amounts of data. As well as with customizable dashboards and automatic reports that help the customer distribute the data to all stakeholders.

Furthermore, VICO offers a comprehensive range of services in data evaluation and analysis and the field of digital marketing.


The Audiense Twitter tool(formerly SocialBro) offers an impressive number of options and is suitable for almost all analysis and administration tasks relating to your own Twitter account. Thanks to the clear design, you can master all the important tricks of the tool after a short training period.

Once linked to your company’s Twitter account, Audiense provides analyzes. And the data relating to your community and presents the results on an interactive interface. Among other things, you can see whether and which followers you have won or lost. Numerous filters allow a deeper insight into the structure of your Twitter community.

In addition, Audiense offers useful features such as a time recommendation for the most effective placement of your tweets for your target group. The Twitter Analytics report uses to measure the performance of existing content. And to better understand the behavior of the target audience.

However, the disadvantage here is the inability to schedule the tweets – they can only post immediately.  The start is easier with very good documentation and an (initially) clear dashboard.

Risk-free testing is possible with the free account. Audiense is particularly suitable for companies in the B2C sector. The sectors that operate in countries where Twitter use plays a major role.


However, even the best tools do not get the company. Their social media managers further if it is unclear which data collects and how it should interpret it. Before starting social media monitoring, you should therefore be aware of what goals you are pursuing. What exactly do you measure successes, and what key figures do you want to use to record them.

Of course, the intervals at which the monitoring data evaluates. And how the results flow into the communication strategy must regulate in advance.


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