SAP wants to do its service and support offering more customer-friendly. The Essential Success Experience, Advanced Success Experience, and Select Success Experience packages are new.

SAP wants to simplify the service and support portfolio. The focus here is on customer acceptance and usage, with the main focus being on introducing and using the applications. The offering is designed for the cloud to help customers realize rapid time to value and achieve lasting success.

The cloud-based portfolio offers SAP customers new experiences, extensions, and services to meet their requirements. It also enables them to interact with SAP more efficiently and at their own pace. Customers can also benefit from project-specific services and proactive and mission-critical support.

After creating the Cloud Success Services organization earlier this year, the redesigned offering provides ongoing support for SAP customers in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

“Our s “specialists in ​​services and support can draw on SAP’s SAP’sars of experience. Together with customers and partners, they work to achieve rapid results and enable continuous innovation,” said “Claudio Muruzabal, President of Cloud Success Services, SAP SE. “Whether” r customers are implementing something new, moving a legacy system to the cloud, or transforming the way their business works, we help them design and deploy the right solutions throughout their lifecycle. Regardless of their starting point, the size of their company, or their pace, we offer a portfolio that meets the needs of our customers and allows them to unlock the full potential of their SAP solutions.”

SAP’s” SAP’sn offerings, including SAP MaxAttention, SAP Preferred Success, and SAP Enterprise Support, will remain and evolve to continue to provide the foundation for business success. As part of the portfolio realignment, these offerings have also been expanded to include new options, including embedded launch activities and SAP Business Journeys. 

Offerings for All Customer

To give customers maximum flexibility, SAP provides three new levels of Success Experience that address individual customer needs, and implementation approaches Essential Success Experience, Advanced Success Experience, and Select Success Experience. All three stages are designed to prepare customers and guide them to accelerate their SAP software platform implementations and achieve lasting success.


Essential Success Experience 

Essential Success Experience is powered by SAP Enterprise Support and provides a comprehensive, foundational onboarding and support experience for customers across the entire SAP solution landscape. The focus is on proactive business-critical support, application lifecycle management, and rapid time-to-valueEmbedded launch activities complement the cloud editions of SAP Enterprise Support. This allows customers to prioritize and accelerate features that add value faster, allowing them to take advantage of functionality that is already out there.


Advanced Success Experience

Advanced Success Experience provides personalized solutions and process expertise for SAP cloud solutions based on SAP Preferred Success, backed by enhanced support service level agreements. A personal roadmap is provided for everything from workflows to user experience to corporate culture. Thanks to comprehensive and targeted consulting as part of the SAP Preferred Success offering; customers can derive even more value from SAP solutions and continuously improve their business results. With the help of crucial figures and milestones, a tailor-made success plan is defined. A Customer Success Partner also supports customers in realizing the full benefits of their SAP solutions.


Select Success Experience 

This offering addresses clients’ transformation needs and helps them achieve their desired outcomes. This enables optimization and added value in integrated corporate landscapes with multiple solutions. Customers have a choice: They can opt for a multi-year, strategic collaboration with SAP based on SAP MaxAttention, for short-term projects that focus on important business events with SAP Business Journeys, or for a combination of both.

Adding and Selecting Tailored Experiences

In addition to the three Success Experience Levels, success extensions are offered that easily combine with the three Experience Levels and provide pre-and post-go-live cloud optimization services. Customers can always select individual success services that meet their most important requirements – from large transformation projects to highly complex scenarios or the introduction of new technologies and products. They also have partner services available to enable and enhance their customer offerings.

As customers evolve and advance their business in the cloud, SAP plans to expand the portfolio offering continually. The expanded offerings mark the beginning of a new era of increased collaboration between customers and the SAP ecosystem.


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