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Vaccination prioritization in Germany has been lifted. Now everyone aged at least twelve can apply for a vaccination appointment. However, there are two problems here: too little vaccine and too few resources in medical practices and vaccination centers. It is correspondingly difficult to get a vaccination appointment.

The vaccination finder helps those who want to be vaccinated get a vaccination appointment at short notice. This article explains how the vaccine finder app works and how it can be used in a targeted manner.

This is why finding a vaccination appointment is so tricky.

Vaccination prioritization in Germany no longer applies. This means that it is no longer just the most vulnerable who are entitled to a vaccination appointment. Instead, all adults and young people from the age of 12 can make an effort to make an appointment. However, the problem is that there is not enough vaccine available. This means that only a limited number of people willing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 can be immunized every day.

Another problem is the limited number of vaccination capacities. It was only possible to be immunized in the vaccination centers set up by the federal government for a long time. As a result, there were only many places available each day. In the meantime, vaccinations can also be carried out in doctor’s surgeries, but the time capacities are also limited. These are further reduced because many people are constantly calling the practices who want to have an appointment. Due to these complicated initial conditions, it is currently difficult to get a vaccination appointment.

Various providers provide vaccination appointments.

Various places offer vaccinations against the Sars-CoV-2 virus. These include the vaccination centers set up by the federal government. So far, these have worked with so-called codes, which were sent to those who were entitled to be vaccinated. In the meantime, many older people and those in need of special protection have been vaccinated, so the opportunity to be vaccinated should also be offered to everyone else. It is, therefore, possible to try to get a vaccination appointment at a vaccination center.

Several medical practices offer vaccinations. However, it is incredibly tedious to contact all these different providers separately and be put on a waiting list at other places. That’s why more and more people interested in vaccination are using the free vaccination finder. This is a digital tool that connects doctors and patients so that possible vaccinations can be carried out at short notice.

Various vaccines are available.

Anyone who tries to get a vaccination appointment must know that there are different vaccines against Covid-19. These include the active ingredients from Biotech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. While some have been approved for some time and are vaccinated in Germany, some vaccines have only been available for a short time. Some providers specialize in certain active ingredients, so patients are not free to choose which active ingredient they would like.

It is advisable only to be immunized with certain vaccines for specific target groups. There have been a few cases of brain thrombosis using the AstraZeneca vaccine. These occurred primarily in younger women, some of whom were taking hormone preparations. For this reason, this vaccine is particularly recommended for older people over the age of 60, for whom such side effects are implausible. If you are not flexible when choosing a vaccine, you may have to wait until a suitable vaccination date is available.

Many vaccination appointments are available at short notice.

In principle, it is difficult to get a suitable vaccination appointment for the reasons mentioned. However, if work is available, everything usually goes very quickly. This is the case, for example, when someone changes their mind and does not want to have a vaccination. An appointment can also become free if a patient becomes ill and cannot be vaccinated. It also happens more and more often than people who want to be vaccinated have been put on several waiting lists and then no longer need an appointment. In all these situations, a vaccine is available at short notice.

With the Vaccination Finder, it is possible to be informed about such appointments that have become free. In this way, those who want to be vaccinated can see whether the work that has become free fits into their schedule and if they wish to make an effort to get it. It is then often possible at concise notice to go to a doctor’s practice or a vaccination center and be immunized there.

Booking vaccination appointments is elementary.

Using the Vaccination Finder app is intuitive and easy. First, the app is downloaded free of charge and installed on the smartphone. There are no in-app purchases, so there are no hidden costs associated with using the app. Then it only takes a few clicks before a list of available appointments is displayed. Here it is possible to book these appointments directly and receive a vaccination promptly.

The Vaccination Finder has many advantages. This includes that all personal data is anonymous. Patients, therefore, do not have to provide any information about themselves or their medical history to benefit from the service. Modern technologies and security strategies are used to protect personal data. Another advantage is that all the information in the Vaccination Finder is up to date. Thus, it cannot happen that the vaccine expires. Last but not least, this procedure is exceptionally spontaneous. In contrast to other authorized users, users of the app do not have to wait long for their appointment but can be immunized promptly.

The more doctors participate, the better the system works.

The vaccination finder app works better the more practices and doctors participate in the project. They enter vacant appointments into the app so that those willing to be vaccinated can be displayed. Therefore, users must advertise the app and write positive reviews about it. The project only has a chance of success if the range of vaccination appointments is extensive and the number of users increases continuously.


A successful vaccination campaign is essential to defeating Sars-Cov-2 and returning to normal. It is, therefore, necessary that no vaccination dates expire and that all available vaccine resources are fully utilized. This is possible both via the vaccination centers and the doctor’s offices. The Vaccination Finder helps ensure that those who are willing to vaccinate can find doctors with vaccines and free vaccination appointments and book them easily and quickly.



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