6 Apps for Helping People with Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder is a painful mental illness that millions across the globe are suffering from. It causes the patient to suffer from sudden episodes of depression, while at times the person may show elevated or hyperactive mood symptoms.

In both cases though, the sudden change of mood can be somewhat disturbing for both, the patient and the person around them. While you may need to seek professional help to better maintain your bipolar symptoms, we can help in our own capacity by suggesting some helpful smartphone apps that can ease everyday life.

Before we dive in, though, we recommend subscribing to services such as the one available in Spectrum bundles as all these apps require a steady internet connection and you would not want anything triggering your depression. So call up the Spectrum customer service team to grab your subscription before downloading any of the apps listed below. Anyway, let us tell you about these wonderful apps in a little detail.


eMoods is a mood-tracking app that enables you to monitor your everyday bipolar symptoms without making much effort. The app makes you keep a regular check and balance on sudden highs and lows that ultimately help you to take effective counter-measures.

At the end of each month, you will be presented with a color-coded track record, which you can use to analyze your mood patterns and trigger points. You can also share your monthly track record across different devices or even mail them to your doctor for a better analysis thus resulting in a more effective treatment for you.

T2 Mood Tracker

This is yet another mood-tracking app that bipolar disorder patients can greatly benefit from. The app allows you to monitor mood on different scales namely depression, anxiety, stress, general wellbeing, brain injury, and post-traumatic stress. In addition, you can also generate custom scales that better suit your personality.

The app lets you swipe a small bar to rate the mood you are feeling at the moment. From that, it generates a visual graph for a better understanding of your mental state. Moreover, you can prepare a journal for your history, which can be shared with your doctor for any changes in the treatment and medication that might be needed.

Mood Log

Mood Log is an app for Android users seeking assistance with bipolar disorder. The app effortlessly tracks your mood swings throughout the day while also keeping in check the connected symptoms like headache, nausea, irritation, and more.

Upon installation, you will be required to fill in a brief yet accurate profile of your mental state where you will be required to provide your therapy and medication information. Using that, the app will generate a customized tracking system for you.

Medisafe Medication Management

Taking all the right pills at the right time is crucial for people having bipolar disorder. If you do not take the pills that have been prescribed by your doctor, all the routines and mental exercises won’t.

Thus, Medisafe is the perfect app to remind you to take the medication at the right time every single day. The app not only reminds you to take the medication at the right time, but also provides useful information about the medicine such as formulae, appearance, possible side effects, and more.

MyLife: Meditation: Mindfulness

Formerly known as ‘Stop, Breathe & Think’, MyLife: Meditation: Mindfulness is a mindfulness meditation app that provides regular checks to help with a bipolar state. The app hosts more than 50 carefully designed meditation exercises that you can turn to and relieve yourself of any and all depressive episodes or sudden triggers of hyperactivity.

Furthermore, the app also keeps a record of your meditative journey, thus prompting you to maintain your healthy routine at all costs. And if you find the English language to be a bit difficult to understand, you may also resort to the meditation exercises offered in the Spanish language.

CBT Thought Diary

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, for short, is an essential part of any bipolar disorder treatment. The aim of any CBT activity is to rewire your thought process psychologically, thus improving emotional responses and coping mechanisms.

CBT Thought Diary is an app designed to cater to this very activity. This digital diary lets you note down all the random thoughts that race through your mind every day. Using that information, you will be better able to react or respond to similar instances should they occur again. The end goal of the app is to rectify any and all negative and destructive patterns, so that you may live a relatively happier and peaceful life.

All Things Considered

Battling with a mental illness is something that not many people take seriously. Just because a physical illness or injury is visible, does not make them any more dangerous than a mental injury or illness. In fact, a mental illness may possibly be far more dangerous than a physical one since the brain controls all. So, do make sure to add these apps to your bipolar-battling arsenal to live the happy life that you truly deserve.

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