5 Ways To Cut Your Cable Internet Bill

5 Ways To Cut Your Cable Internet Bill

I’ve moved with only one choice: Cable TV and Internet. The channels to choose from are limited and they keep increasing my prices. If I cancel my cable you will increase the cost of my internet and reduce my bandwidth speed. How can I keep my cable TV, keep my internet, but still have more channels without upgrading my cable TV package or canceling my cable bill ?

5 ways to cut your cable bills

Option 1 – Share an internet connection with a neighbor and share the cost. (WIFI is the key here)

Option 2 – Cancel your service entirely and have your husband or wife sign up for cable TV and internet. You will then receive new customer packages and save money. Something similar can cut the internet bill in half and use some of the premium cable channels for free for 12 months, such as: B. Showtime and HBO.

Option 3 – just cancel your cable TV and keep the internet on. You may need to speak to a cable company representative to cut fees or reduce your internet speed. Then buy an HDTV antenna and use it to get the HDTV signals out of the air for free. These HDTV antennas can be mounted on your roof or placed near a window. This will give you around 30 free HDTV channels instead of hundreds of channels.

Option 4– If you can’t cancel or add to your cable TV package and still want to get MORE HDTV channels, you can get a SlingTV for around $ 20 per month. Sling currently has 24 channels in the basic package. There are several other packages like sports, kids shows, 24/7 news, breaking movies and more for about $ 5 more per month. HBO HD costs around $ 15 a month. However, you will need an Amazon FIRE TV player, Roku player, Nexus player, or Xbox console to stream it to your HDTV. SlingTV is now promoting offers to receive a free Roku stick when you sign up. For an additional $ 50 you can add a Nexus player or Roku 3 when you sign up. You Will Still Need Internet When You Get SlingTV,

Option 5 – Cancel the account under your name and open a new one under the name of your roommate . Get the promo package and your cable bill will drop 40% per month. They usually offer a 3-recording DVR set-top box, an HD set-top box, free HBO, free Starz, 100Mbps internet connection, and a landline. OR watch it on Dish Network or DirecTV.

Bonus: Use a family member password to access Netflix. This gives you a world of TV shows and movies. With Netflix, families can share the account depending on which Netflix plan they have chosen. Right now, Netflix is ​​streaming 4K Ultra HD movies to 4 people at the same time for $ 11.99 per month.

Buy your own cable modem! Don’t rent or rent any! This will save you money!

Other ways to save on your TV bill: PlayStation Vue ($ 49.99 per month) PlayStation Vue offers TV streams with 50 channels, movies and recordings. It requires a PlayStation (PS4 or PS3).

Hulu Plus ($ 7.99 per month) Hulu Plus has a variety of popular shows the day after they air. You also have access to movies and original series.

Sling TV ($ 20 per month) Sling lets you live stream 20 channels including ESPN, CNN, and The Food Network, as well as movies.

Netflix ($ 7.99-11.99 per month) Netflix has cable shows, movies, and original series.

Amazon Prime ($ 8.25 per month) Amazon Prime has TV shows, movies, and original series. NO month-to-month commitment, sign up for a $ 99 one-year membership.

You can also try building your own DIY HDTV antenna

Create your own HDTV antenna plans

  1. 22 inch section of 2 × 3 or 1 × 3 boards
  2. 18 screws
  3. 18 washers sized to fit on the screws to clamp the wire in place
  4. 15 meters of wire. About 5 feet of three-conductor copper house wiring is sufficient.
  5. Reflector grid (mesh like reflective metallic material)
  6. Two 15 × 9 grill umbrellas work fine for a few dollars.
  7. A balun – A thing with a coax connector on one side, two wires with screw holes on the other. These are often used to hook old televisions to coaxial antennas or cables.

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